A Hidden Order

What would pattern sound like if interpreted as a rhythm or melody? 
How would music look if transposed into the visual realm?

A Hidden Order presents a new artistic venture revealing the bonds between Art & Music, bringing to light an unforeseen unity that merges the worlds of Traditional Islamic Art & Western Contemporary Composition.

The result of a long-term collaboration between composer Lee Westwood & geometer Sama Mara has culminated in this unique cross-disciplinary exhibition, taking on the forms of a collection of artworks, audio-visual performance, video installation and an interactive platform.

The implementation of a pioneering new theory discovered by Sama Mara, allowing for pattern and music to inform each other directly, has enabled a unique creative process whereby geometric space is explored through musical composition. The fruits of this undertaking are a resultant suite of 10 new works for mixed ensemble, and their corresponding geometric artworks.

This document consists of a complete catalogue of our print and audio collection, along with information about the artists, their working process, and the theory behind this innovative and unparalleled artistic venture.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. The Art of Islamic Pattern, The Prince's School of Traditional Arts. Point 101