The A Hidden Order album consists of a suite of 10 new, instrumental chamber works for mixed ensemble, namely the 10 original recordings from which all our artwork was derived, featuring the virtuosic musicianship of Philippe Barnes (flute), Suzie Shrubb (cor anglais), Adam Bushell (marimba/ percussion) and Susie Winkworth (cello).

Rhythmically driven, with a strong melodic thread, the music traverses the realms of contemporary composition, with the striking syncopations and harmonies of folk and jazz never far away. Yet there

is another, very different guiding force: each piece
is meticulously crafted to produce a unique image, following rigorous geometric principles which relate the fundamental elements of the visual realm to those of sound, while never losing sight of its musical integrity.

The CD comes complete with a 16-page inlay, containing colour details from the accompanying artwork, along with a commentary on this unique compositional process. Available on CD and digital download @ www.leewestwood.bandcamp.comĀ