A Hidden Order at Aga Khan Museum – Toronto

A Hidden Order is coming to Toronto Aga Khan Museum, 26th and 27th May 2018.

We shall be presenting the premiere of our new live performance “Solos, Duos, Trios” featuring leading UK musicians Philippe Barnes (flute, whistles), Attab Haddad (oud, percussion), and Lee Westwood (guitar, percussion) performing alongside geometrist Sama Mara. Bringing together influences from the worlds of Celtic, Arabic, and contemporary classical music, their sounds blend composition with cutting-edge improvisation in a breathtaking reimagining of the worlds of musical tradition and innovation. These sounds are visualised through A Hidden Order’s unique system that creates breathtaking geometric visual imagery direct from the music. This premier features the first presentation of our developed visualisation system.


The A Hidden Order artworks, animations and interactive platforms were exhibited as part of the Aga Khan Museums’ “Listening to Art, Seeing Music” event from 20th January – 22nd April  2018