EVA London 2017 Conference

The theory and the unique creative approaches explored in the creation of A Hidden Order shall be presented in two papers and corresponding presentations at the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference in London 2017.

The A Hidden Order video suite shall be exhibited at the ‘British Computer Society’s Headquarters’ throughout the conference.

Tuesday 11th July – Thursday 13th July 2017
BCS, 1st Floor, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA

One presentation is a demo of the system behind A Hidden Order, the other is a plenary session presenting the creative approaches enabled by the formula underpinning this project, and implemented in the composition process for A Hidden Order.

“The project is based on a method discovered by the author that translates music into geometric artworks and vice versa, where pattern represents rhythms and colours relate to pitch. The use of this method enables unique approaches to the creation of music and art where one may create a geometric artwork entirely through the use of musical composition, or inversely create a musical piece through the visual design process or any combination of these two approaches together. This property allows for the practices, techniques and creative choices of each discipline to inspire, inform and shape the other.”

Further information to follow.