Sama Mara and Lee Westwood are available for workshops at a wide range of key stages from schools to adult classes. Content is flexible, and ranges from courses in maths and geometry, to an exploration of the relationship between these fields and music. The workshops are interactive, and don’t necessitate any prior knowledge or experience with the topics involved.


For more information, please contact Sama at –
07810 532216 

Example workshops:

Key Stage 3 Music with Mathematics

We shall explore together the mathematical laws of harmony governing both sound and space, expressed as rhythm, harmony and pattern. Observing its application in music, arts, science and nature. Students will be introduced to rhythms from a wide variety of cultures, all through the medium of number, to notice the powerful changes created by slight variations to the rhythmic motif. The students will then be invited to create there own rhythms and short motifs, which shall be converted into patterns (using the theory which is the foundation of this whole project) and shall contribute to an onsite art piece within the exhibition.


Aims of the Workshops

  • Bring awareness to the connection between mathematics with music and pattern.
  • Give students exposure to patterns and music from a wide variety of traditions.
  • Develop understanding of geometry and pattern.
  • Explore mathematical concepts through pattern and music.
  • Inspire thoughts about the connections between different traditions by noticing the subtle yet powerful variations between them whilst enjoying their unique qualities.
  • Bring new approaches to exploring music, through number.
  • Inspire thoughts about the connections between music and art.
  • Bring contemporary art and music practice to the youth of Hackney and Tower Hamlets.
  • Explore creative possibilities from simple means.
  • Evaluate and develop these works in groups.

Examples of Mathematical Content Included in the Workshops

  • Explore the relation of number to music, nature, science and visual arts.
  • Simple integers, fractions and ratios – In relation to rhythm and harmony of pitch
  • Trigonometry & Algebra – Double area of square, triple the area of a hexagon
  • Square roots – In relation to doubling area of the square, relation of edge length to area.
  • Geometric Transformations

Mathematics workshops – Key Stage 5

  • Explore the relation of number to music, nature, science and visual arts.
  • Geometry exercises, exploring Islamic patterns constructed with compass and ruler.
  • We shall study the numbers and proportions that govern these pattern in particular covering topics of:
  • i. Number Series – Fibonacci and Pell numbers, and their relation to the irrational numbers phi (pentagon) and silver mean (octagon).
  • ii. Fractal Theory – space filling curves.
  • Algebra and Trigonometry exercises – To prove / explore the construction of decagon and / or pentagon.