The most distinguishing feature of A Hidden Order is that all the artworks began as sound – namely, a suite of 10 new instrumental chamber works for mixed ensemble, performed and recorded by our carefully-selected professional quartet.

All aspects of A Hidden Order can be seen to come to life during the perfor- mance part of our exhibition. This 45 minute show consists of a brief introduction to the system, followed by a live multimedia concert of the full A Hidden Order suite, whereby the sounds of our quartet’s instruments are translated into realtime graphics through our bespoke computer programme. Here we are privy to the entire process, witnessing the clear relationship between sound and form as the perform- ers recreate each and every visual work of art from music, before our eyes and ears.

Rhythmically driven, with a strong melodic thread, the music traverses the realms of contemporary composition, with the striking syncopations and harmonies of folk and jazz never far away. Yet amongst all of this, behind the face of the music, there is another, very different guiding force: each piece is meticulously crafted to produce a unique image, following rigorous geometric principles which relate the fundamental elements of the visual realm to those of sound, at the same time never losing sight of its musical integrity.

We also offer pre-concert talks and Q&A for all performances, which allow the audience a closer look at the workings of our theory before experiencing A Hidden Order in full.