A Hidden Order – Step by Step

Here is a short guide to our working process, from the genesis of an idea, to the artworks in their final form.

1. Our journey began with a long period of research, involving the workshopping of simple patterns, rhythms and melodies.

2. Once we had established our musical and visual language, we then drew upon this body of work to compose a suite of 10 pieces for mixed ensemble (flute, cor anglais, marimba/percussion & cello), alongside their visual geometric counterparts – this suite comprises our main collection.

3. These compositions were then rehearsed and professionally recorded by our carefully-selected quartet of musicians. And so the A Hidden Order album was born.

4. Using a bespoke computer programme, built around our theory which enables the conversion of

sound into pattern and vice versa, we translated these recordings into their geometric counterparts, allowing the music to take on its physical form.

5. Working from our main collection, we then extracted shorter musical passages in order to create our wider suite of motifs and variations.

6. Finally, our complete collection of prints was expertly made using profes- sional pigment inks and conservation- standard framing methods, to create archival-quality artworks.