Our interactive platform guides the viewer through a first-hand experience with the system, enabling the user to create live audio to generate their own patterns.

By following an inbuilt metronome as a rhythmic guide, the user is able to play their own rhythms and sounds into the system (the very same we use to create our images) using a simple touch-sensitive interface. These performances are visualised in realtime, the duration of the interactive experience guided entirely by the user.

Our interactive platform is available in two formats:

for smaller spaces there is the option of a more discrete presentation, in the form of a stand-alone monitor with mounted headphones, guaranteeing that sounds and visuals are experienced by the user only, and do not interfere with the rest of the exhibition.

for a more immersive experience, the interactive element may occupy a larger space, whereby the sounds are played over room monitors and the image projected onto a large screen in a darkened space.