Arguably the most poignant moment in the journey that A Hidden Order offers is the simultaneous experience of both audio and visuals (music and pattern) working in symbiosis. Beside the live show, our video installation provides just this opportunity, allowing the viewer to watch each image unfold as it is generated by the music in realtime.

The video element to our exhibition is available in two formats:

for smaller spaces there is the option of a more discrete presentation, in the form of a stand-alone monitor with mounted headphones, guaranteeing that sounds and visuals are experienced by the user without interference to the rest of the exhibition.

for a more immersive experience, the video element may take the role of an installation, whereby the sounds are played over room monitors and the image projected onto a large screen in a darkened space.


Octagon Square – Marimba

Square – Ensemble

Octagon II – Ensemble

Hexagon I – Ensemble

Triangle – Ensemble

Octagon I – Flute & Marimba

 A Hidden Order Premiere – Prince’s School Of Traditional Arts

‘A Hidden Order’ Teaser – Introductory Video