The Theory

Sama Mara’s new theory draws upon the fact that number and ratio, the root principles governing the rhythm and pitch of music, are also the foundation of geometric art: pattern and colour. The resulting system is rooted in the same concepts as those of the great geometric artworks of the Islamic cultures of the past, as well as drawing upon contemporary studies such as fractal geometry and aperiodic tilings.

In the words of Islamic Arts Magazine…

“Applying principles of ancient geometry, Islamic art and contemporary mathematics, Sama Mara’s ground-breaking theory reveals an intrinsic relationship between the harmony of sound (music) and the harmony of space (pattern). Rhythm, pitch and timbre are transformed into pattern, colour and texture. This concept has been applied into a bespoke computer program allowing for real-time visualisation of live music, and the creation of breath-taking geometric artworks.”

The resulting suite of works by Lee Westwood & Sama Mara, performed and recorded by a carefully selected professional quartet, were then translated into their geometric visual counterpart using a bespoke computer program which enables the conversion of sound into pattern and vice versa, these reaching their final manifestation in the form of large-scale giclée prints.