The A Hidden Order collection features
a diverse range of intricate geometric Giclée prints, ranging from the striking, duochrome study of solo conga, to the vibrant, shifting hues and colours of densely polyphonic works for mixed ensemble, their broader musical narratives guiding the visuals through a labyrinth of morphing textures and forms.

The collection in its entirety is made
up of some 40 signed, limited edition artworks, ranging from 30 × 30 cm to
240 × 200 cm. The Main Collection consists of 10 key works, each the visual expression of a piece of music from the album A Hidden Order. Our Motifs & Variations Collection consists of a range of shorter musical passages derived from the title suite.
Our complete collection of prints are expertly made using professional pigment inks and conservation-standard framing methods, to create archival-quality artworks.

Main Collection

Motifs and Variations

Below is a selection of motifs and and variations from the exhibition A Hidden Order